Hiring a tour operator to manage your entire travel plans is always a good idea. Pilgrim tours Israel is one such tour.

Finding an expert tour operator can help you not only travel in peace and comfort but also ensure that you remain worry free throughout the tour. This is not just it, they also make sure that you cover all the holy shrines and nearby cities while travelling to a country far off. Israel is one such country boasting of holy shrines for Muslims, Jews and Christians.

Travel to Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel must be conducted through expert tour operators that can not only conduct internal city tours to and from the hotel but also ensure you can explore the local markets and culture of the city through guided tours. The best tour operators also ensure that you not only cover the holy shrines but also travel to the nearby countries.

There are many tour operators offering guided tours to holy shrines around the world and one such leading travel agency is Regina Tours Israel. Regina Tours Israel is a company dedicated to serve their clients with the best possible tours to the holy land of Israel. The company is renowned for its pilgrim and leisure tours. Their dedication to serve their clients with the highest standards of professionalism has made them an expert tour operator.

About Regina Tours:

Regina Tours is a travel agency found by renowned tour operator Benji Shavit, boasting of over 40 years of experience in the travel industry. The company aims to conduct the best leisure & holy land tours across Israel and neighboring countries for their clients.