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Israel is a long and narrow country, located between the 3 continents; Asia, Africa and Europe. Thus, it became the natural bridge between countries and empires in these continents. On every war between the countries, Israel was invaded and many times destroyed. This is the most significant reason for the rich history and many cultures that left their mark on the country in 10.000 years of history. We invite you to dive into history, discover the past and learn about the different periods from the Chalculitic, Iron, Bronze, to recent history. Hear about the different Empires that conquered this land, Persians, Greeks, Romans and Ottoman. Get impressed by the ethnic variety of its population; Jews, Muslems, Christians, Armenians, Cherckessians, Druze and Messianic Jews. We promise you a trip to one of the most interesting countries in the World, with an amazing ethnics, religions and cultures diversity. This tour is customized for groups and by request only.

Tour Highlights:

  • Tel Aviv
  • Golan Heights
  • Sea of Galilee
  • Jericho
  • Dead Sea
  • Masada
  • Jerusalem

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