Dimples of Israel – Ilana Goor Museum

Ilana Goor is one of the most famous artists in Israel. Born in 1936, in Tiberias. Though she did not go to any art school, she became an international artist being autodidactic as well as very individualistic.

Dimples of Israel – Old Jaffa

The Port of Jaffa was the main and most ancient Gate to Israel. Today, Jaffa is a suburb of Tel Aviv, overlooking the big city and its shore-line. Jaffa is mentioned in the Bible with prophet Johnas (and the whaile) as well as with Peter, the loyal deciple of Jesus.

Dimples of Israel – Caesarea – Part 2

In the vicinity of the impressive archaeological site of Caesarea, you can visit the 2 Ralli museums. Both built and operated by the Harry Recanati Foundation. This post is about Ralli 2 museum that commemorates the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry.

Dimples of Israel – Caesarea – Part 1

A visit to Caesarea is not only visiting the ancient Roman and Crusaders’ ruins. Just a step away from the archaeological site, is one of the outstanding Ralli Museums, Ralli 1, one of the five Ralli museums, also found in Spain, Uruguay and Chile.

Tour Packages to Jerusalem

Photographer Micha Helman

Israel is well-known for its colossal natural beauty, unbeatable history, amazing people and world-class civilization. Israel’s capitol Jerusalem has been a phenomenal example of bustling modernization and ancient history. Moreover, Jerusalem also boasts of world’s few places that have political, historical and religious significance. This is why travel to Jerusalem is considered to be one […]

Astounding Israeli Travel Packages

Akko old port

When it comes to vacations, every individual loves to spend some peaceful and splendid time in a calm and relaxing location. One such wonderful destination is Israel. It is a place that encompasses immense natural beauty, amazing people, rich history and diverse culture. There are countless reasons to visit Israel and people always love spending […]

Regina Tours Israel: Providing Elite Pilgrimage Tour Packages in Israel

Pilgrim Tours Israel

Religion has great importance all over the world. Omen of the pilgrimages across the world are prominent and attract pilgrims all year round. Devotees suffer all types of pain for a visit to the holy place located worldwide in the hope that their wrong doings will be forgiven and the Almighty will bless them. A tour […]

Hire the Best Israel Tour Operators to Plan your Trip

Haifa Gardens

Israel is a Middle Eastern country which is highly known for its culture and heritage. The country is in the bucket list of many tourists & wanderlust. It has diverse cultures which cultivates from the diversities of the population. It is highly positioned as a holy and sacred Land by Jews, Christians and Muslims. The […]

Travel to Israel, The Holy Land with Regina Tours Israel


Israel is a beautiful destination for a wanderlust. With its wide sceneries and landscapes, ranging to the deserts in the south, to green hills in the north, everything is incredibly beautiful. If you are looking for a travel agency to travel to Israel’s most amazing places, then Regina Tours Israel can help you out in […]

Why Pilgrimage Tours Must be Managed by Expert Tour Operators


Hiring a tour operator to manage your entire travel plans is always a good idea. Pilgrim tours Israel is one such tour. Finding an expert tour operator can help you not only travel in peace and comfort but also ensure that you remain worry free throughout the tour. This is not just it, they also […]